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Students at Gull Lake wield wide-ranging sets of wheels

When most 16-year-old high school students get their first cars, they’re not always what they wanted. However, most learn to live without brand new Bentleys.

Slug bugs aren’t always the first choice for  high school students and sophomore Volkswagen driver Nathan McCormick is no exception.

“It was kinda small and weird looking,” McCormick said.

McCormick didn’t want the bug at first.

“I wanted a jeep,” McCormick said.

Even though it wasn’t his first choice, McCormick grew to like at least one aspect of his black bug.

“I love the gas mileage,” McCormick said.

With fluctuating gas prices, he said he doesn’t mind not having to shell out cash to support a behemoth of a vehicle.

Although he said it’s not the most masculine car on the market, McCormick appreciates the high gas mileage of his Volkswagen. Photo by Hannah Baynes

Getting behind the wheel of a speedy car is the aspiration of many adolescent boys. Junior Jacob Klok does just that everyday in his yellow Jeep Wrangler. In addition to power and speed, Klok said other elements of the car also make it great.

“I like being able to take off the top,” Klok said. “My favorite part of the car is the bass.”

Junior Jacob Klok drives his Jeep Wrangler, a car which allows him to listen to music at higher volumes without worrying about the bass damaging his speakers. Photo by Hannah Baynes

When a high school students thinks of a minivan, a soccer mom on her way to drop off her 5-year-old son is the first thing to come to mind, but every weekday around 7:20 a.m. senior Tyler Amsbury can be seen pulling into the GL parking lot in his “mom car.”

[pullquote]I was excited about it. I had to wait a year to have my own car so getting the van on my 17th birthday was worth the wait. – senior Tyler Amsbury[/pullquote]

Although it is not what most students dream of for a first car, the van meets Amsbury’s needs.

When he first received the car, he considered the ample space and the protection that a larger vehicle would offer him in the event of a collision.

“My van has a lot of room and it’s bigger so if I get in a crash it won’t be as bad,” Amsbury said.

With school bags, golf clubs and football gear, he said he generally takes advantage of the extra space.

Not all high school aged students are happy with their cars, but these drivers adapted and grew into their varied vehicles.

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