Gull Lake Area Community Volunteers prepare for upcoming Fall Warm Up

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Graphic by Reflection Staff

As the weather begins to change and the leaves begin to fall, the Gull Lake Area Community Volunteers take actions to ensure all of the children in need have something warm to utilize throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Gull Lake Area Community Volunteers member, Pat Mink, was able to share how this process works.

“We obtain phone numbers and contacts from the school for each of the families that could be considered in need,” Mink said.

The volunteers then call the families and ask if they would like to be a part of the Fall Warm Up. If they do, the children’s sizes are written down along with their name. The volunteers make sure each child receives his or her coat prior to Halloween trick or treating.

“We are dedicated to giving back to enhance the quality of life for those that are less fortunate in the Gull Lake community,”  Mink said.

The Fall Warm Up community volunteer program provides coats, hats, mittens, snow pants and boots to all of the children in need within the Gull Lake school district. Each student or family that is to receive a coat will go to Meijer on Gull Road on October 25, where the Fall Warm Up will take place.

The Community Volunteers are able to purchase the warm wear through two major fundraising activities that occur prior to this event. The fundraising activities provide funding for community service programs like the Fall Warm Up. The Father Daughter Dance and the Richland Art Fair both provide substantial amounts of money that allow for our Community Volunteers to be as generous as they are in the donating of coats and other necessities to those in need.

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