Health science EFE students scrub up

Senior Veronica Town has to wear her scrubs during the day and at her Fundamentals of Health Sciences EFE class.  Photo by Natalie Herson.
Senior Veronica Town wears her scrubs during the day and to the Fundamentals of Health Sciences EFE she takes offsite. Photo by Maddie Hough.

As most students fall into their daily school habits at Gull Lake, Education for Employment students are just getting used to switching back and forth between schools everyday.

“At first it was hard to create a routine because I was at GL in the morning, then Comstock for my EFE, then back to GL,” junior Gabi Fadden said.  “But now that I’ve gotten used to it, it’s fun.”

Fadden attends Comstock High School for her health science EFE, along with juniors Makenzy Schick, Ansley Haan and Reid Williams and senior Emilee Grimes.

“I think that EFE is an amazing opportunity to get experience in a field you’re interested in,”  Schick said.  “This way you have actual practice and can decide whether or not you want to pursue it without going in blindly choosing a career.”

Many past and current EFE students have emphasized the advantage they gain by taking an employment-based class.  Because of their unique experience and involvement in the field, EFE students generally have a better idea of what they want to study in college.

Mili Renuart

Mili Renuart

My name is Emiliana (Mili) Renuart and I am currently a senior at Gull Lake.  I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Reflection and also write in every news category, focusing mainly on feature and opinion articles.  I have won multiple awards at MIPA 2014 and 2015, including a first place award for an on-site feature article and second place for an on-site opinion article.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing and creating art.

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