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Changing fashion affects Gull Lake uniforms

The style of sports uniforms at the high school has changed tremendously over the years. This is mainly because the athletes want sharper, flashier clothing to, if nothing else, make them look good. This year, like every other year, the Sports Boosters purchased brand new home jerseys for the varsity football team. The goal of the Sports Boosters is to make the uniforms flashy while still living up to the Gull Lake standard of being professional.

With student-athletes wanting to look better, the uniforms will continue to change with the styles of the times, as the football uniforms did this year. Uniforms changes for other sports this year will include baseball, basketball and softball. The uniform changes include removing the color yellow from jerseys, adding bold designs and adding more white.

Student-athletes and coaches at Gull Lake have always worked to uphold a standard of class and excellence. Some coaches at Gull Lake do not approve of wearing athletic shoes of wild colors in sports like football, basketball and baseball. While athletes purchase their own shoes, they must do so wisely to win the coaches approval. The athletes often wear shoes that match their uniform. For example, almost all of the basketball team last year wore shoes that were primarily navy blue and white.

The freshman football team also got new jerseys this year.  The team has shown approval for the new jerseys, wearing them proudly around school on game days. However, these jerseys are unlike the normal jerseys that are passed down from team to team like every other year in the past. This year’s freshman jerseys were not passed down from last year’s JV team since freshman head coach John Vandermolen in raised money for the jerseys.

The new freshman football jerseys modeled by Ryan McMullen with the away jersey (left) and Nate Money with the home jersey (right). Photo by Maddie Hough.
The new freshman football jerseys modeled by Ryan McMullen with the away jersey (left) and Nate Money with the home jersey (right).
Photo by Maddie Hough.

“We had several people who made donations to our football program” said Gull Lake Athletic Director Marc Throop.

Donors were mostly parents of players on the team.

“It’s an extremely generous offer for those people to want to fit our kids with the right equipment” Throop said.

With this setting a new precedent of how teams receive jerseys, parents in future years may continue to do the same thing.

Most of the time this does not happen. Although, it was a positive for the team since the old jerseys were extremely worn and the some were too big for the incoming freshman players. Also, it would have been another big expense for the boosters to purchase brand new freshman jerseys. The average cost for a new football jersey is $100. If there are 40 players on a team, the cost to purchase new jerseys for the whole team would be about $4,000. With football already being the most funded sport at Gull Lake, this is one expense the Sports Boosters did not need.

While the varsity’s uniforms are both blue and white, have the “GL” logo and say “Gull Lake” the freshman jerseys are one color, with no logo, and no school name. The jerseys are either blue with a white number or white with a blue number, taking over the design of practice jerseys and changing the way uniforms are perceived.

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Noah Throop
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