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Dress code discriminates against female students

Junior Amanda Merlin dresses in a strapless dress that exposes her shoulders, making her out of school dress regulations. Photo by Maddie Hough

Feminism remains at the forefront of societal concerns on social media, news and even in public schools. Conversation does not end when students enter the building, it calls into question what is socially acceptable for men opposed to women.

No cleavage, no shoulders, no short shorts and skirts, no bra straps, the list goes on and on. These codes are enforced at schools all around the country. These rules and dress regulations target female students. The one that draws the most attention is bra straps. Girls have breasts, that is not news to anyone, or at least it should not be. Breasts are part of the human anatomy; they are not placed on girls to be provocative or to entice the male gender. By shaming girls over basic human anatomy in school, it is implied that their bodies are more important than their education. The chance of a bra strap, short shorts, or–heaven forbid–the shoulders distracting another student is highly unlikely in comparison to the interruption caused by pointing out a girl’s dress code flaws. She then becomes more distracted by being called out in front of her peers, precluding her focus from being on learning.

Males are rarely told to change their dress in any way. They are not told to hide their skin because girls may be attracted to them. They can wear short shorts or show “cleavage”  without being punished or sent home. No one would even take a second to look twice if a boy had on shorts that his fingertips went past for a spirit day or for sports like cross country or rugby. Recently the varsity boys’ soccer team decided it would be fun to wear their warm ups with the zippers down to their abdomens without shirts on underneath. It was not difficult to see a nipple or two on a soccer guy’s chest when they bent down over or moved around. If the girls’ soccer team had decided to wear the same thing, considering they have the exact same warm up coats, they would have been scolded and asked to go home and change their clothing.

Girls can’t dress how they wish, yet boys can. If female students were to wear the same attire as male students, it would fall into the category of impropriety. Guys should not be able to wear clothing that when placed on a female body would be considered inappropriate. If a girl can’t wear it, then it should not be allowed for the opposite sex to wear either, or else girls simply must be permitted to wear what they want. Feminism calls for the equality of males and females, yet our dress code forbids us from attaining it.

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