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Staff members voice concerns on effectiveness of janitors at Gull Lake

Crackers spread out on Stairwell C on November 3 until the end of the day. Unlike the subject of this picture, the sticky popsicle stain was there for 3 days. Photo by Sabrina Tummons

Desktops, door knobs, hallways, stairs, whiteboards and carpets. There are dozens of surfaces that the janitors are responsible for keeping clean. Looking around at the school, noticing trash on the floor or the marks on the desks, leads some faculty to question how well the school is cleaned.

The staff of Gull Lake High School was compliant but many asked to remain anonymous.

“During the summer we deep clean all the desk’s, the walls and the floors. During the day I don’t really clean much. Basically the cafeteria and the kitchen. The night janitors clean from 2:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.,” one of the janitors said.

A substitute janitor named Tom Waidelich was recently a fill-in for another janitor at the school.

“The cleanliness of the floors is really impressive. One thing I do like about this school is you guys have the tendency to pick up after yourselves; you take care of your school,” Waidelich said. “I’ve been to other schools who don’t have that. They don’t have the supervision or discipline. The first appearance of your school is very nice.”

One of the kitchen staff members had her own opinion on the cleanliness of the school.

“For the most part the kitchen is clean,” a kitchen staff member said. “There is stuff that gets dropped like food that they sometimes miss; they mop at it but they miss some things. It’s not their school, so it’s not like they have an ownership. The company only has one guy here during the day and not as clean as we would like it to be.”

A puddle of a sticky popsicle stain remains on Stairwell C from October 14 until October 16. Photo by Sabrina Tummons

With concerns about the cleanliness of the cafeteria, the lunch ladies directed the situation to the janitorial supervisor.

“The staff cleans everything every night. They pick up trash, they clean the desks, they vacuum, they do everything they need to do,” the janitorial supervisor said.“They clean very well, and we have some good staff.”

Questioning how well the school is cleaned, a student pointed out a popsicle stain that she said has been there for 3 days.

“I walk past it every day and for 3 days it’s been there; it’s disgusting,” sophomore Jordan Geik said. ”I don’t want to have to look where I’m walking and hope I’m not going to step on sticky popsicle.”

After four days, the sticky puddle of popsicle was gone.

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