New student run school store opens

The DECA school store will now carry coffee and hot chocolate before school and during lunch Monday through Friday. Photo by Natalie Herson
The DECA school store now carries coffee and hot chocolate before school and during lunch Monday through Friday. The school store is open to suggestions.  Photo by Natalie Herson

On Saturday, December 6 DECA’s student run school store had its grand opening for Christmas shopping. The large number of sales exceeded the staff’s visions and helped the staff distinguish what needed to be done for future sales.

“Our grand opening was very successful,” business teacher Michelle Jaros said. “Although this is our first year running the store, we don’t have a lot to compare the sales to, but we had a great amount of sales and even sold out of a number of items.”

The store is a for-profit school store where most of the items from before, such as school apparel, will go to Sports Boosters proceeds. Any additional item sales the school store makes will go toward a general high school fund that will help all student activities, but the lion’s share will go to the DECA program specifically. The store will carry new apparel items such as standard hoodies and t-shirts handpicked by the staff and miscellaneous items including iPad chargers, batteries for calculators, earbuds, etc.

“The biggest motivation for me is for the school store to be a way for students to have school spirit and at the same time feel some ownership and responsibility through learning business,” Jaros said. “For me the store is a way for students to have a store run by students for their peer’s needs and for the staff to have a little more involvement with their student body.”

The new store is managed by three second year business students who are familiar with business ethics and techniques who are currently enrolled in the business courses offered through the high school. Junior managers Molly Clancy and Morgan Blinn are finishing their second year Business Management class and manage the employees and the store while at the same time contributing to the layout of the store and what the store sells. Aside from the two junior managers, senior and second year student, Nic Thoman runs all of the financial, inventory and number job duties for individual sales.

Currently Jaros is tying the management of the school store into her own teachings in her business classes and in the future wishes to offer a separate class that educates students on the logistics behind running their own businesses. This will allow students to have a hands-on experience while running the school store.

“My BMA class is signing up for shifts during their lunches, which is actually a part of their grade,” she said. “I am probably going to offer the opportunity to my Marketing II class students third trimester and I hope in the future I can form a class set just for running the store.”

To purchase any of the new items Gull Lake business students are bringing to our school, stop by the new store Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. through the end of the year.

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