Counselors and seniors teach freshmen about future

from the counselors deskIt is mandatory in all level one computer classes that students interact with their counselors and take career placement tests. The time spent with the counselors is meant to encourage the student to follow their passions and set them on the road to successfully applying for college. Over the past several years a new medium has been used to convey information regarding high school and colleges: members of the graduating class.

“The seniors are great with the ways they communicate to the freshmen,” counselor Bobbi Jo Stoner said. “The younger students really look up to the seniors and pay more attention to what they say than they would for a counselor or teacher.”

Once a trimester, seniors are called in to computer classes to offer insight for a successful high school experience. They discuss a wide range from topics from ways to deal with the stress of ACT’s and exams, to how to be involved and active in clubs, volunteer efforts and sports. Whatever information they share with the underclassmen, the fact that they are giving younger students attention and encouragement is worth the effort.

Jake Money

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