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Students contemplate celebrity apotheosis

Listen to interviews above on student views of celebrities and their importance.

Famous celebrities such as, Kim Kardashain often update their instagram's for their fans. Currently Kim Kardashian hold the record for the most amount of followers on instagram.
Famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashain often update their instagram’s for their fans. Currently Kim Kardashian hold the record for the most amount of followers on instagram. Screen shot by Jillian Burkhardt

Over the past few years celebrities have continued to become major role models for young people around the world. Many well-known child prodigies such as Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes continue to be held on pedestals that get higher all the time. People love to build myths around celebrities, as well as to watch their destruction at the first glimpse of scandal. People can’t wait to hear all the gritty details of celebrities’ lives.

Celebrities are ahead of the crowd in fame and fortune and a curious crowd always follows and watches.

“My favorite celebrity is Robert Downey Jr. because he’s very funny and I like the way he handles situations such as the press and important situations,” sophomore Jessie Wagner said. “I think that celebrities are held at a higher standard than others because they are so well-known, and they can be recognized by everyone.”

Many celebrities like the Kardashian family use social media such as Twitter and Instagram in addition to having their own reality TV show that reinforces people’s preconceived ideas knowledge and obsession with them. Viewers get a glance into their glamorous lives, personal struggles and achievements.

“The Kardashians are my favorite celebrities because they live such a beautiful life and they can do whatever they want because of the money they have. They also have the resources to make themselves look however they want,” sophomore Sasha Norman said. “I think that they are held on a pedestal because they live unrealistic lives and have unrealistic beauty. Also I think that celebrities in general are able to get out of situations easier because of their power and money.”

Some students do not agree that celebrities should be put on a pedestal and instead should be considered as real people.

“Personally I am not overly fascinated with celebrities and their lives. I think that they are just average people who have been put in a spotlight,” junior Sarah Sikkema said.

Some people enjoy the entertainment of celebrity lives and others think that is unnecessary. Either way the platform of social media and reality TV allow ordinary citizens to look into the lives of celebrities.

“Other people should not be so worried about their lives and the mistakes that they make,” Sikkema said.


This week’s Devil Talk question: “Why do people put celebrities and athletes on pedestals?” 

Click and listen to student audios.

Freshman Josie Wank “They have skills that are greater than the average person.”

Sophomore Nick Burr 

“They are the same as other people but they have greater talents.”

Junior Madison Elwell 

“They are rich and famous and everyone wants to be like them. 

Senior Kevin Jung 

“They want to be the celebrity so they put them higher up.”

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