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Hidden gem of Kalamazoo discovered by Gull Lake students

Local Mediterranean Grill, Zooroona,  attracts attention of Gull Lake students. Photo by Jade Winne.
Local Mediterranean Grill, Zooroona, attracts attention of Gull Lake students. Photo by Jade Winne.

In the heart of Kalamazoo, a classic Mediterranean Grill has become popular  to the students in the Gull Lake community. Zooroona was created by the members of the Mandwee family who originates from the Middle East. In Arabic, Zooroona means “come visit us.” Their family friendly website invites guests to enjoy their vibrant and authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

“I recently went to Zooroona with my family for dinner,” freshman Jade Winne said. “I enjoyed it more than I thought it would; the atmosphere made the experience so much more enjoyable.”

Around the whole restaurant,  cultural decorations create a different atmosphere that sets Zooroona apart from other restaurants. The food is traditional middle Eastern and has flavors and spices that most people in the area are unfamiliar with.


“The atmosphere is super cool. They have lights, lanterns and tapestries all over the walls, Winnie said. “They even have a little section where there are pillows and low tables, and you can draw the curtains. The workers are also super nice, so it’s definitely a cool place to go.”


[/pullquote]    The menu offers Lebanese Lamb Medley over Hummus, Chicken Curry Stew, Moroccan Veggie Tagine, Eggplant Mazza, Sirloin Steak with Balsamic and many more Mediterranean dishes.

“One reason I enjoy going to Zooroona’s is because their menu offers a different type of food that not many places offer,” sophomore Sierra Veenkant said. “The food is just so unique, I would recommend the place to anyone who asks.”

Along with the abstract decorations and artistic atmosphere, at times belly dancers accompony dinner sometimes accompany dinner.

“I would definitely say Zooroona’s is a cool place to go to,” Winne said. “I am really into spicy foods so it offers everything I look for.”

Zooroona’s is open six days a week, offering lunch and dinner as their specialty. Owner Habib Mandwee says, “We want you to feel welcome at Zooroona. You are always welcome.”


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