Upcoming ACT causes stress for juniors

Juniors prepare for next week's  ACT and begin to feel the stress of the test. Photo by Natalie Herson
Juniors meet in the cafeteria to prepare for the school-administered ACT.  The stress of the test weighs heavily on some juniors but most have said they are just relieved that it will be over soon. Photo by Natalie Herson.

According to ACT.org, 92 percent of high school students in the United States plan to continue their education at the collegiate level. While colleges do look at resumes and recommendation letters, two factors are the most influential in getting accepted or declined: the student’s grade point average (GPA) and the student’s ACT score.

With the difficulty and the importance of the ACT weighing on them for months, many juniors taking the test become stressed preparing and waiting for the day to come.

“No matter how much you study for this test, it is inevitable to be scared and stressed about your future,” junior Travis Ambrosio said.

Many juniors start to study months in advance to have confidence going into the test.

“So much rides on this test, so it makes us nervous and stressed, especially since it’s so close,” Ambrosio said.

The school-provided ACT was administered on Tuesday, March 3 and students are relieved the stressing over how close the big day is is finally over. Even with all the preparation that students had, they still saw the test as a huge challenge.

“Even though we’ve been preparing for a long time, it’s still nerve-wracking,” junior Caleb Scoles said.  “I’m super pumped that it’s over, but now we have to wait to find out our scores.”

Scores from the school-provided ACT are estimated to be released anytime between five to eight weeks from now.  After all the anticipation leading up to the test, some juniors are frustrated with the timeline for getting their scores and information.

“I wish that the scores came out sooner, but ultimately it’s not going to change whether or not you did well,” junior Lily Fell said. “At this point, I’m just relieved it’s over and I finally get to relax.”

Stosh Tustin

Stosh Tustin

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