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E-mail change projected to simplify

Photo by Stosh Tustin
Papers like this are posted all over the school reminding student to switch and transfer all of their important documents and other things from their old e-mail to their new e-mail. Photo by Stosh Tustin.

Gull Lake decided to switch all of the students’ and staff’s email’s from the ending of to Administration told students and staff that the reason for the e-mail change was that it was confusing because teachers had both of the endings. The cost of owning two domains was also considered.

Now that this change has been made it should help students and parents be less confused while e-mailing teachers since some students have had trouble communicating to teachers using an email address that was not the primary one.

Still this e-mail change confuses some students who are more technologically challenged. And even for those who are good with technology, having to switch all of their own google documents over from the old account to the new was time consuming.

“I think that when students are supposed to be switching all of their documents over while there’s directions on the screen–they just don’t pay attention, and then they panic when they can’t get to the documents they needed off of their old e-mails,” English teacher Trisha Stevens said. “It’s very hard to get a big group of people to follow directions, and I think the administration is trying their hardest to get everyone on the same page.”

This change makes e-mails addresses easier to remember since now students and staff don’t have to memorize the e-mail ending of and instead it’s Along with the ending being made shortened the beginning of the e-mail is easier to memorize because it is their first and last name with a period in between, but before it was the last two numbers of their year of graduation and the first five letters of their last name and the first two letters of their first name. This is handier for teacher to remember too.

Still, the transition was difficult.

“The teachers originally had Groupwise and then we had to do the transition from Groupwise to all Gmail. Ultimately it will be easier to have all of our things on Gmail,” Stevens said. “I know that Groupwise was very problematic, so it’s a lot easier now that we don’t have that anymore.”

Teachers also agree that the e-mail change is easier because it is more convenient for their students to get ahold of them and to also email students. Google is simpler than the old Groupwise. Teachers have said that the old system was hard to operate, and it always crashed. The new system is said to be a lot faster and easier to navigate.

“From the teachers’ point of view, I think it’s better to have everything on Gmail but from the students’ end, I can see how it can be a little tricky,” Stevens said. “I’ve had a few students come up to me and tell me that some of their documents didn’t get transferred over, and so there have been some things happening in seminars to try and remedy that.”

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