Local project earns wide recognition

All members of the Gull Lake project enjoyed working on the projects, whether it be as a part of the film, or as an an editor. A screenshot from GLP Sendoff.
All members of the Gull Lake project enjoyed working on the projects, whether it be as a part of the film, or as an an editor.
A screenshot from GLP Sendoff.

The Gull Lake Project consists of six Gull Lake students who love filmmaking, three of whom have already graduated, and three of whom graduate this year. Most of their videos consist of action sports and other activities that the group did for fun, like spending time out on Gull Lake.

“We pretty much ran out of ideas after the 2013 summer video,” senior Eric Hyde said. “With the three of us left going off to college, I wanted to make a video that had a little section about each of us individually.”

Hyde said he contemplated many ways to make a video felt more story-like and personal to the group. The inspiration eventually came from a Redbull video that showcased athletes individually.

“I typed notes in my phone on the entire video, and how it would transition from one person to the next,” Hyde said. “A month later we filmed GLP Sendoff.

Recently Hyde entered GLP Sendoff into two filmmaking competitions, the Kalamazoo Teen Film Festival and Digital arts Film and Television (DAFT). Both of the competitions were open to teens across the state with fairly open requirements, showcasing creativity. In The Kalamazoo Festival GLP Sendoff won “Best Technical Merit,” and in the  DAFT competition it won “Best in show.” [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX9V7z_S_4g]

“Technical merit relates to the quality of shots and editing techniques, as well as the overall technical outlook of the video. GLP Sendoff was also showcased at the Detroit Institute of Arts, due to the award earned through DAFT,” Hyde said.

There are multiple EFA programs that promote the growth of multimedia skills; Hyde participates in the Advanced Multimedia Arts. These programs allow for students to work with high quality equipment, like they would out in the work field, and learn what goes into high quality video and photo projects.

“These classes are what you make of them,” Hyde said. “They have affected my filmmaking tremendously. I’ve learned how to make high quality videos and learned a lot in two short years.”

Hyde doesn’t plan to pursue a career in filmmaking; it is a hobby he enjoys doing with his friends. After this year the last members of GLP will have graduated and moved onto the next part of their lives, leaving GLP Sendoff as a final memory.


Sierra Rehm

Sierra Rehm

Hi, it’s Sierra here. I have been a member of the Gull Lake community for my lifetime so far. I have always lived, learned, and grown in the Richland area. This year is my Senior year at Gull Lake and my third and final year as a staff member on the Reflection. My time working on the paper has not only evolved my skill and grown my passion for writing and reporting, it has heightened my sense of school spirit. For the past two years I have contributed as the staff video editor, as well as feature and entertainment editor; which means I monitor and edit articles within those areas on the website. In total I have won three MIPA awards within the two prior years on staff,(first, honorable mention, and third) all of which involve video production. I spend the rest of my time doing school work, writing for personal enjoyment, working, or spending time with friends.

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