Top 5 reasons you should go to an in-state college

College. It’s a word that when spoken or written down, gives certain people trepidation, stress, anxiety or a sense of excitement and wonder. It’s not exactly a secret that college is the big elephant in the room with students wondering, “What college am I going to?” or “Am I going to stay in-state or out of state to go to college?”

There are many reasons why going to an in-state college is better. So let’s get to reason # 1.

  1. It’s close to home

Compared to an out-of-state college, where the only support you’ll have is by the occasional letter or phone call from your parents or relatives, in-state gives you more direct access to your support system. With an in-state college and a bit of driving time, you’ll be right with them and be able to discuss your concerns with them about whether college is right for you, ranting or raving about your classes, and just in general being congruous to your friends or family.

Having this support network at home is much more powerful than a phone call, email or letter and will leave people in-state much better mentally prepared for the task at hand.

  1. There are in-state scholarships if you choose an in-state college

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about this either, until I got to researching on Michigan State University’s website about in-state scholarships. It turns out that there are 53 exclusive scholarships from varying school districts and colleges that could pay for part or even all of your tuition. The general rule is that you should apply for every scholarship you can, whether or not you think you are eligible or not. Staying in-state will lead to better opportunities in terms of scholarships, since, let’s face it–college is expensive.

Michigan Tech boasts over 925 acres of land, 7,000 students, and 130 years of experience. Photo courtesy of Michigan Technological University Photo Services – Under CC BY SA 3.0
Michigan Tech boasts over 925 acres of land, 7,000 students, and 130 years of experience. Photo courtesy of Michigan Technological University Photo Services – Under CC BY SA 3.0
  1. Tuition fees are lower for in-state students

Michigan Tech, Michigan State University and Western Michigan University are some of the great colleges that are here in Michigan. Their tuition fees are consistently lower for in-state students rather than out-of-state students. This is because these institutions know that creating an incentive for the education of in-state students will be bettering Michigan. So by charging more for out-of-state students, they give an incentive to live in-state. Michigan Tech boasts a tuition of $13,839 for instate students and $21,821 for out of state students. The difference is even higher for Michigan State University with $13,612 for instate students and $36,412 for out of state. Western Michigan University follows the same threshold with $349.47 per credit hour for in-state and $857.32 per credit hour for out of state. The difference is clear: in-state students get lower tuition.

  1. You can better your home–Michigan

With problems in debt, Detroit’s bankruptcy and our roads in a dire state, keeping the students and funding within Michigan could better the state. With alumnus’ degree in hand, getting a job in Michigan will allow the state to benefit from their taxes and in turn, better the state in getting the revenue they need to keep going.

Michigan is home to a lot of people and staying in-state can help better that home for the people who live, work, and study here.

  1. Our mascots are awesome

Whether or not you agree, we have some pretty neat mascots. We have the Wolverines at the University of Michigan, Western Michigan University’s Broncos and Michigan State’s Spartans.

Come on, that is pretty cool. While other states have mascots such as the Stanford Tree, or WuShock (a literal shock of Wheat), we’re far better than other states in terms of good mascots.

So there you have it, the top 5 reasons to go to an in-state college.

Abigail Stark

Abigail Stark

My name is Abigail Stark. I am a sophomore and a first year staff member. I enjoy writing opinion and review articles, and look forward to a successful year!

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