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Allegan County Fair, fun time for all

One of the local rabbits shown in the fairs rabbit exhibit. Mabel is one of the biggest entries and won multiple Allegan county ribbons.
Mabel, one of the local rabbits shown in the fairs rabbit exhibit. She is one of the biggest entries and won multiple Allegan county ribbons. Courtesy of Mark Dykgraff.

Ever want to just let loose and have some good, old-fashioned, local carnival fun? Come to the Allegan County Fair. Running from September 11 to September 19, Allegan will host its extravagant carnival right in Allegan, map of which can be found here:, near the Downtown area. The fair offers anything and everything to ensure that locals and visitors alike will have some quality family fun. Upon entrance a guest is greeted with varied animal exhibits, featuring prize-winning rabbits, cows, horses and other farm animals. Some of the animals boast large size like humongous bunny, Mabel, while others offer peculiar smells like the calves and dairy cows, pigs, goats and sheep.

Historical Exhibits

Once past the large section of animals, exhibits are featured with information straight from Allegan history. The area is filled with historical buildings and shops that include old-school houses, homes, blacksmiths, Native American jewelry shops and much more. One of the more interesting buildings is an old, authentic Allegan city hall. Inside reside artifacts like model city halls, old newspaper clippings from WWII, old style voting booths, telephones, and other contraptions of not only the city’s history but the whole state of Michigan.

Just across from this is another museum featuring more history of the city and also lots of other oddities. This includes old carriages, milk trucks, telephone switchboards, tools and old motel signs. A lot of creepy and interesting exhibits are also inside. These items included two-headed cattle, birthing tables, used dental equipment, slaughtering tools and photos of each in use. Outside is a small field filled with tractors from this century and before. All non-functional, yet can still be ridden and shown how to operate, providing a transition from a variety of historical farming sights to the colorful carnival attractions, standing in the center of the fair.


Stretching along most of the grounds are a plethora of activities and vendors that are ready to make one’s time there memorable. At the entrance rows of food vendors serve delicacies from many different countries. The standard American cuisine is available, as well as authentic German and Polish sausage, and even some classic Mexican food. But get past these mouth watering attractions and then find the real treat of the event: the rides.

One of the bedazzled fairgoers enjoying the fun family times the fair provides.
One of the bedazzled fairgoers enjoying some of the many attractions the fair offers. Courtesy of Mark Dykgraff.


Rides for all ages create the most joy possible. There are the standard roller coasters, ferris wheels, spinning rides, and the fast “throw-up” rides too, but they have picked out so much more.

Scattered around these rides are little carnival games where one can earn prizes and, in a few secluded ones, even goldfish. Around the edges of the grounds, stations for face paints and henna tattoos, picture of one included to the right, that are aimed for everyone of any age.


But all of this is eclipsed by the real treasure of the fair, the venues. For these Allegan has gone all out and made sure to stock its people with the best entertainment. It hosts many different events. Some days horse races happen while others could have classic demolition derbies and races. The main events scheduled every day, the concerts are the main attraction. Many famous and critically acclaimed bands to perform at these events such as Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, and even Fall Out Boy.

The whole event in itself is a blast and recommended to anyone looking for some classic, family fun. Sadly it does only last a week.

Below lists the events and the dates they are open.

September 11th Brantley Gilbert, agriculture and horticulture booths, open class goats, open class rabbits.
September 12th Carrie Underwood, youth gymkhana horse show, youth swine show, young sheep show.
September 13th Young english horse show, Pedal Power Pull, Allegan County “Show Us Your Talent” contest, Westside Off-Road Derby Championship.
September 14 Youth beef show, open class harness pony hitch, youth rabbit show, youth dairy starter & dairy steer show, Harness Horse Racing, Parade.
September 15th Senior citizens program, open class unicorn and  horse hitch, mule hitch, draft horse 2 horse hitch, open class ladies cart class, men’s cart class, youth cart class, youth and open class dairy cow show, open class sheep show, Show Us Your Talent, Flying Star Rodeo,
September 16th Ladies Day program, youth livestock auction, Harness Horse Racing, Tractor Pulls.
September 17th Lady Antebellum, draft horse halter class, special grade draft horse show, mules halter class, pony halter class, open beef cattle show, youth dog show, Show Us Your Talent.
September 18th Fall Out Boy, youth driving horse showmanship, classes, youth driving horse classes.
September 19th Youth western horse show, youth all around showmanship contest, Demolition derby.

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