New security cameras improve safety

Security Cameras
Principal Don Eastman monitors the hallways at Gull Lake High School.

This year Gull Lake High School decided to upgrade to more and better security cameras. These now overlook more places, including the parking lot, stairways, school entrances and the cafeteria. These cameras are just one of the ways to keep students and the staff safe during the long school day.

Security is important and serves a double-purpose in regards to monitoring student attendance. The security cameras see students ditching or getting involved in illegal activities, such as under-aged drinking or smoking. The security cameras are a vast improvement to the safety of Gull Lake High School.

Shown by past events throughout the United States, intruders have easily been able to walk right into schools and may present a dangerous situation for students and faculty. One terrible example of this was the Sandy Hook school shooting. Not only do the cameras protect the students and staff of the high school, but they also protect the people in our community. They catch dangers going into the school but also catch them coming out of the school as well.  Misbehaving or accidents within the grounds of the school, the cameras would catch and have a view of the action.

Another thing cameras can help detect so school officials can work to fix problem is one that happens at every school in the county: bullying. School bullying happens everyday and could be prevented with the installation of the new cameras. The new camera’s at Gull Lake High School help safety and misbehaving actions, and are a fantastic add on to the school.

As of 2015 the Gull Lake High School security cameras are updated and better than ever. They are capable of recording more and are overall just a great improvement.


Taylor Walls

My name is Taylor Walls. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High school.  This is my first year on staff in newspaper and I  am hoping this class will encourage me to grow as writer.

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