Parody: Compass saves students from getting lost again

Golden Compass
Graphic designed by Linda Dezess

The first week of school a group of freshman students were found wandering aimlessly around Richland in the milky dawn that comes before a school day. Their faces were anxious and confused. It was the time period in which all area students were making their commutes to Gull Lake for another day of education. A good samaritan happened to pull over and check on the students to find out that they lived near the school but were new to the area, and were desperately trying to get to school on time; they were still vying to always be on time and make a good impression on the teachers. One whined that he couldn’t find his way to school and couldn’t find his way around school once within the walls.

The samaritan, an old and seemingly wise gentleman, smiled upon their misadventure, and instead of giving them a ride, gave them a compass. The compass was an ancient looking specimen; it was covered in tarnished gold and had a rather detailed globe on its back; the inside, that used to be white, was faded to yellow from time, and the black ink that patterned the arrows was faded to brown; the wooden needle was beginning to splinter.

After seeing puzzled looks from the young students, the old man explained how to figure out the direction by using the continuously north pointing needle, gave them the general direction of Gull Lake, and drove away.The group waited, hoping another car would pick them up, but had no luck, everyone driving were in too much of a rush.  

They were left with one choice: Skip and risk angering their parents and getting detention, or use the compass; the fearful little freshman chose to hustle their way to school. The leader grabbed the compass and headed East, as they were told. They trekked through woods, dodged across roads, and climbed a fence before they came upon Gull Lake’s property. Their worried expressions turned to glee as they ran into the building and separated to their classes. The last of them reached their room an instant before the final bell rang for first block.

It’s been six weeks since the poor freshmen were lost on the streets and given the odd gift of a compass. The leader of the group still carries it with them to this day. He claims that now he can find his way around school with ease, for he knows the direction of the halls through the compass.

Sierra Rehm

Sierra Rehm

Hi, it’s Sierra here. I have been a member of the Gull Lake community for my lifetime so far. I have always lived, learned, and grown in the Richland area. This year is my Senior year at Gull Lake and my third and final year as a staff member on the Reflection. My time working on the paper has not only evolved my skill and grown my passion for writing and reporting, it has heightened my sense of school spirit. For the past two years I have contributed as the staff video editor, as well as feature and entertainment editor; which means I monitor and edit articles within those areas on the website. In total I have won three MIPA awards within the two prior years on staff,(first, honorable mention, and third) all of which involve video production. I spend the rest of my time doing school work, writing for personal enjoyment, working, or spending time with friends.

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