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High School math department gets new textbooks

Graphic by Linda Dezess
Graphic by Linda Dezess

The Math Department at Gull Lake High School has been making some changes. One of the major upcoming changes is to the textbooks used in math classes. Although the current textbooks match up with the curriculum, there has been talk at the math department meetings that it might be time for a change. The department agree that there could be a better option instead of the textbooks that are currently used.

New textbooks that will better support the curriculum are going to be purchased soon, and will take place in classrooms next school year. Heather Shaffer, head of the math department, said that these will help students understand the material better. The books will be more in line with the curriculum and will be easier to use. Students will be able to have these textbooks as a better source if they miss a lesson, or just for extra help when needed.

Before the textbooks will be purchased, samples will need to be tested and more meetings will need to be held to ensure that this is the best option.

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