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Business editor leads cookie dough fundraising

The yearbook staff works with Club’s Choice Fundraising and mails out cookie dough, cheesecake and pretzel sale information to the student body to lower the cost of the yearbooks for students. Photo by Lexi Warren

In order to help lower the cost of printing the yearbooks, the yearbook staff sells cookie dough from Club’s Choice Fundraising and advertising spots to businesses in the back of the yearbook.  The majority money they earn from fundraising will be put towards the printing. The yearbook business editor, senior Lucy Tomer, plays a major role in fundraising of the yearbook.

She communicates with businesses if they have questions or want an advertisement in the yearbook, along with organizing the funds, orders, and sometimes taking trips to the bank or going to businesses to sell more ads.

The yearbook staff has recently mailed out cookie dough sale paperwork to all the student body. Starting November 2, students can sell cookie dough, cheesecake, and pretzels. The money earned from the their sales goes towards their own yearbook.

For every item sold they can earn five dollars towards their yearbook and if they sell six items they can get thirty dollars off the price of the yearbook. Students may even earn a free seventy dollar yearbook if they sell fourteen items.  

“We don’t really have a monetary goal, I feel like so much is just getting more people to do it,” Tomer said.

Last year, yearbook earned a decent amount, although it wasn’t as much as they wanted. If more people participate, it’s better for the yearbook club in general because they can make more money to lessen the cost of printing the yearbooks.

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