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Drug use poisons school systems

An underground issue many schools have had to deal with recently is drug abuse among students.  While the Gull Lake School Board has attempted to fight the issue by contracting drug dogs to complete new searches and continuing to teach students the dangers of drugs, it is impossible for the problem to disappear overnight.  The tactics used to combat drug abuse simply aren’t as effective as they wish.

The school has tried other methods to contain the issue, but in the end, it is quite difficult. Drug dogs and the new cameras may prove to their advantage to spot and stop potential drug issues, but so far drug abuse is still rampant and is a major threat to the safety of students.

While the idea of drug dogs and searches seem like effective ways to help students, it only instills fear and paranoia among them. Knowing that there are people constantly watching them or the fact that they are under suspicion of dogs roaming through the school for the wrong reasons is terrifying to some. There are much easier ways to handle the issue that, for the most part, don’t make students fearful or paranoid.

Instead of having German Shepherds sniff through lockers and cameras watching every second, more direct actions could be taken and truly put an end to the issue. The teachers and administrators could easily just pick off any suspicious students and get to the end of it with personal searches and/or confrontations with the students. Things like this will only make those guilty feel scared, like they should, and let those innocent know that they aren’t the target of suspicion anymore.

The problem with drug abuse at any school is that no matter how you try to end it, it will still be a problem. Students find new ways to cheat the system, and the school will have to change their system over and over again. It’s a vicious cycle, but the only thing that a school system can do is just have to accept it and move with the cycle until they finally win. This link shows the schools policy for drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other different issues:

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