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The Spirit Shop: Open now for all students

The Spirit Shop is a store that is open during lunch hours at Gull Lake High School as well as for a period after school. They sell a wide variety of products: gum, water, iced coffee, pajama bottoms, cocoa, blankets, duffle bags, iPad cases, earbuds, tea, Icees, Gull Lake affiliated clothing such as hats, jackets, shirts and shorts. They have an active Twitter feed, which can be found via the school’s website.

The Spirit Shop’s even have internal policies, called “Store Policies 14-15.doc” found via the school’s website. It outlines the generally expected rules of etiquette for employees and cites the school as the employer. The document focuses on etiquette for the spirit shop and is not uncommon for a store-like setting.

Seniors Molly Clancey and Morgan Blinn said that they generally enjoy working in the spirit shop.

“Yeah, we like working here but the thing that we hate are long lines and deadlines,” – Clancey said.

Long lines can indeed be a problem for a spirit shop since it is only open during all three lunches as well as after school.

Morgan stated that that students can get involved in the spirit shop via DECA, through a signup form. The form has not been setup as of yet.

“Well, we’re going to have a signup sheet for DECA but we haven’t done it yet,”  Blinn said.

The DECA signup form will  come soon.

The Spirit Shop has been open for a few years now at Gull Lake High School. Image by Stosh Tustin.
The Spirit Shop has been open for a few years now at Gull Lake High School. Photo by Stosh Tustin.

“There’s some stressful stuff, like deadlines on certain things, cleaning the shop, the long lines,” Clancey said.

Although having said their qualms were doing maintenance, they still said that had have freedom to enjoy the time spent in the shop

“Well, one thing we really like to do is come up with new ideas or designs for products,” Blinn  said.

This can be seen with the decoration of the spirit shop with a Halloween themed style.

“We know it used to be a Sports Booster store, but then the school took it over,” Clancey said.

Sports Boosters are an organization that support a team and also sell sports products from the stor.

The Devil’s Den was also a spirit shop run for over 10 years in at the former high school, now Gull Lake Middle School. At first, the funding of the store as well as its profits came from and went towards Senate, and then to other clubs. It sold similar things to the modern Spirit Shop although had a less expansive inventory. It closed when moving to the new high school.

Whatever the case may be, the spirit shop is here to stay. Although some products can only be purchased after school, like slushees, the majority of the products are available to purchase during lunch.

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