School buses should have seatbelts to ensure student safety

school bus line up
The school buses that Gull Lake students take to school and home do not have seatbelts. Shouldn’t students have a guaranteed safe ride? Photo by Megan Hamman.

Many students in the Gull Lake School District get to school and home by the big yellow school buses every weekday.  These students are part of a group of about 25 million children in America who ride buses to school; yet, only six states make it a law that all school buses must have seatbelts. In the remaining states, only school buses under 10,000 pounds require seatbelts. The U.S. regulations say that the buses are safe enough without them due to how much they weigh and the higher height of the back of the seats. But there have been tragic accidents before, and most would agree that no one welcomes the possibility of an accident happening to a fellow student, friend or family member.

The expense would only be $2.00 per child according to The Local School Directory ( and is justified by the number of potential deaths and injuries the seat belts could prevent. It is a small price for a big safety precaution.The National Coalition for School Bus Safety ( states that the seat belts can improve the behavior of the passengers which, in turn, presents the driver with less distractions.

Some may say that the money proposed for the seatbelts would have better use elsewhere, but since schools are supposed to provide safe learning environments, children should ride safe to school and home.

Sierra Veenkant

Sierra Veenkant

I'm Sierra Veenkant, I am in 11th grade and this is my first year on the newspaper staff. I am a competitive dancer and dedicate a lot of my time to that. I write the beat reports on the Enviornmental Club for the newspaper and enjoy writing other articles relating to the arts.

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