Ethan Liggett’s jewelry gains popularity at GLHS

Ethan Liggett spending his extra time creating jewelry for his business, Grey Raven. Even though Liggett is busy with other clubs and school work, he finds time to create jewelry pieces for friends and peers. Photo by Sierra Veenkant

Ethan Liggett is a junior who is striving for success and likes to keep himself busy. He is member of seven different clubs at Gull Lake High School including Chess Club, Environmental Club, National Honor Society, Student Senate, Performing Arts Company, as well as Chairman of the Model UN and Drum Major for the GLHS Band. But in his free time Liggett has a hobby that many students seem to be enjoying as much as he is, making and selling jewelry.

He created a jewelry business called Grey Raven after the stone and wire bracelets he had made started gaining popularity.

“The raven is a part of my family crest and I have always loved them so I wanted to somehow include it into the name,” Liggett said.

The new hobby for Liggett developed not all that long ago, and it all started because other students began noticing a bracelet he had made for his mother.

Click above to listen to an audio clip of the interview with Ethan Liggett, explaining how he began making and selling his jewelry.

As for why the Grey Raven jewelry is so in demand around the school, Liggett said he isn’t sure.

“I don’t really know, but I guess stones and rocks and the wire wrapped jewelry is getting really popular so it was just good timing for my business,” Liggett said. 

The tag with the logo and brand name of Liggett's jewelry business, Grey Raven. Photo by Sierra Veenkant
The tag with the logo and brand name of Liggett’s jewelry business, Grey Raven. The business name was inspired by Liggett’s family crest and his love for the bird.  Photo by Sierra Veenkant

The internet and family members helped inspire Liggett’s pieces.

“I looked online for basic ideas [I could] make my own. My aunt is very good at art and has made jewelry before so I had asked her for advice or tips.”

Liggett will make custom bracelets and other jewelry for anyone who has an idea and asks him to bring it to life.

“I make custom bracelets for anyone, but [I also] have some already made so people can just buy them right away – it is convenient,” Liggett said.


He recently came up with a line of bracelets inspired by the planets and space.

Liggett's favorite pieces he has made both from his planetary series of bracelets, Moon (top) and Earth (bottom). Photo by Sierra Veenkant.
Liggett’s favorite pieces are both from his planetary series of bracelets: Moon (top) and Earth (bottom). Photo by Sierra Veenkant.

“I just really love the planets,” Liggett said.  “As a part of Environmental Club, I was thinking of a bracelet I could make to use as a fundraiser for the club and I came up with the Earth themed bracelet, then I just began to build off of that one and started making ones like Mars and Venus and also the Moon.”

Liggett purchases most of the materials for his jewelry at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s Crafts Store, and he always has a large variety of different colors, styles and shapes of stones or rocks to make endless amounts of combinations with.

“There were so many options, and they all were so pretty. It was hard to just pick a few stones for the custom bracelet he made me,” junior Rebekah Halley said.

Ethan Liggett will likely continue his hobby for a long time to come because of how much he loves to see the final product and look on his customer’s face when they receive their beautiful new piece of handmade jewelry.

“It’s just nice to be making something, like ‘Oh just a piece of wire and some rocks’ but putting them together somehow looks really good,” he said.

Liggett’s jewelry can be purchased on his online Etsy shop or in the GLHS school store.

Sierra Veenkant

Sierra Veenkant

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