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The Environmental Club helps the school stay eco-friendly

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The Environmental Club recently received sweatshirts with the club logo on them. Members are working for a greener school, through several projects over the remainder of the year. Photo by Regan Troff.

The Environmental Club at Gull Lake High School is staying strong in their mission to keep the school eco-friendly. Club members volunteer every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to bring buckets of compost material to the compost bins located at the Ryan Intermediate next to the club’s gardens.

The club is now deciding the vegetables, fruits, and herbs that they would like to plant in the gardens when the spring season comes along. The Environmental Club is additionally meeting with the local Richland restaurant, The Kitchen House, who they are partnering with, to choose what they would like to be planted; basing what they do plant on the different things the produce will be used for like salads and pizza.

The club has also decided to have a bake sale for fundraising on March 5th during a cheer and wrestling competition. Additionally, the Environmental Club has recently received their sweatshirts, representing the club and their logo.

Sierra Veenkant

I'm Sierra Veenkant, I am in 11th grade and this is my first year on the newspaper staff. I am a competitive dancer and dedicate a lot of my time to that. I write the beat reports on the Enviornmental Club for the newspaper and enjoy writing other articles relating to the arts.


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