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End the Madness: Stop sending emails to the whole school

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A certain phenomenon online is starting to turn into a trend here at Gull Lake High School. Sending emails has always been a convenient and pleasant experience. Aside from the occasional chain mail, email was previously never considered a source of annoyance or anger. But things have changed now and  with the new student email formatting that was introduced just last year, students can send emails to the entire student body by simply typing “9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.” Or simply just “High.”

This sounds like a convenient and easy way to convey a message to the school right? Wrong. It is really annoying. We don’t want our inbox plagued with school-wide emails sent by freshmen titled “Fill out this survey plz ;)”

While we’re on the subject of surveys, let us just say that the amount of survey requests are getting out of hand. When we were an underclassmen and had to get statistics for our math classes, we had to get down and dirty and go door to door of several classrooms with little half sheets of paper we printed off and ask students to fill them out. Five minutes later, we would then have to harass people to finish and try to collect all of them. Nowadays youngins take the easy road and pester everyone in the process.

A certain GLHS student who shall remain anonymous, (but if you’ve checked your email recently, you’ll know exactly who it is) had the nerve to send not one, not two, but three emails of the same survey. C’mon man. Not cool.

Many students have important emails regarding grades, missed work etc. and the fact that many of these emails are getting lost in the mix due to an influx of surveys about your pets and favorite type of ice cream is just ridiculous.

End the madness.

Stop sending emails to the whole school.


Senior, I play soccer.


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