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grad bash 2016
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Grad Bash is supposed to be a fun event for all graduates to celebrate the end of their high school career and the development of their adulthood with their class. After four years of long nights studying, spending hours on hours on hours in a building listening to lectures, speeches, and debates, a grad bash is the a last hurrah of sorts to spend a last night with people you will not see for a long time.

“Grad Bash is an important evening to spend with the people you have just finished a milestone with. It is a great time to reconnect with those you haven’t possibly seen in awhile and create memories with some of your best friends. It is also a safe night for our seniors, as parents we know where they are and what they are doing,” said Mrs. Klok, organizer for the Grad Bash.

This being said, it can’t be a fun night to celebrate all of these things if it never happens.
The school holds and puts together the grad bash, with a lot of cool activities Mrs.Klok said.

“We had a Las Vegas area, tennis, pool, hot tubs, food, dancing. Some of the tennis courts were turned into ultimate frisbee games,” Klock said.

With this being said Grad Bash cost the school money and time so it only makes sense that they want a certain amount of people to go so that the effort and time is worth it. This year not a lot of people have signed up making whether this is going to be a possibility this year debatable.
In order for Grad Bash to happen this year a total of 70 more people would have to sign up. The sign up/ registering process is very simple, you can go to Gull lake High School’s website and under News/Info get Grad Bash Info and registration forms to print out and fill in. Deadlines for registration are May 4, 2016. Early admission has passed so for all wanting to join the cost would be $75 per student. The event follows right after the graduation ceremony.
This event will give you a chance to absorb the end of high school with the people you have spent close to all your life with. Let’s make Grad Bash a one to remember, register now.


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