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Environmental Club establishes the Drop-and-Cop Food Table

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The Drop-N-Cop Food Table set up by in the cafeteria for students to leave their unwanted produce. Photo by Maddie Hough

The Drop-N-Cop Food Table is set up in the cafeteria for students to leave their unwanted produce. The Environmental Club created the table so that fruit can either be picked up by someone else or composted. Poster by senior Environmental Club member Mili Renuart. Photo by Maddie Hough

As a requirement from the new United States Department of Agriculture public school lunch regulations, all student’s lunches bought from the school must include a fruit and/or vegetable. Yet, high schools are filled with 14 to 18 year old teenagers, some of who don’t really care about what is healthy or not.

Because of this, most of the fruit or vegetables given to students as a part of their school lunch just end up in the trashcan. When Environmental Club leader and senior Noah Winne saw the garbages filled up with perfectly edible apples, bananas, oranges and other produce, he developed an idea.

Winne worked with members of the Environmental Club and Principal Don Eastman to set up a Drop-and-Cop Food Table in the cafeteria.

“I think that the Drop-and-Cop Table is a great way for students who to get a healthy snack that would otherwise go to waste,” Winne said.

Students can leave whatever fruit they don’t want from their lunch on the table. Then someone who is hungry and doesn’t have money, forgot to bring a lunch or just wants a piece of fruit can pick up a healthy snack from the table. At the end of the day, if there is food that is left on the Drop-and-Cop Table, the Environmental Club collects it and brings it to the compost bins at the Ryan Garden.  

Sierra Veenkant

I'm Sierra Veenkant, I am in 11th grade and this is my first year on the newspaper staff. I am a competitive dancer and dedicate a lot of my time to that. I write the beat reports on the Enviornmental Club for the newspaper and enjoy writing other articles relating to the arts.


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