Mock Election results are posted

Six of the 2016 Mock Election categories. Photo credit goes to Stosh Tustin.

The senior Mock Election final results have been posted in the cafeteria for the school to see. The 33 categories offered a broad selection of individuals.   

The category that stood out the most according to Yearbook editor, Lucy Tomer was Should Have Been a Couple. Noah Winne was voted that he should have dated Noah Winne. Though the results were questionable and pegged his character, he was asked if it could be posted as part of the final results, and he was a willing participant.

“Despite the rumors that I’ve heard, each category was voted on fair and square,” Tomer said.

The senior class voted on who was elected and depending on the number of votes for the category, they were selected. Yearbook only intervened when an individual won more than two categories so as to include as many people as possible.

“The only influence that the editors had on the results were deciding which two categories an individual would win,” Tomer said.

Overall the Mock Election is a way for seniors to bond and have fun before they graduate.


Lexi Warren

My name is Lexi Warren, I'm a senior this year. This is my third year on the Reflection staff. I play varsity girls tennis for Gull Lake High School. I work at Gull Meadow Farms in for the fall season and up until Christmas. I have two older sisters and an older brother. This year I'm taking college classes and a Teacher Academy Education for Employment (EFE).

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