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Jimmy Johns takes GL by storm at Sno Court Basketball game

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It was an average 1st quarter of the Gull Lake basketball game with the Blue Devils trailing Lakeview by a few points. The student section packed with kids from all ages, all excited to watch the SnoCourt game. Little did they know the madness that was about to occur in a matter of moments.

Once the clock ran out and the buzzer sounded to mark the end of the first quarter, several Jimmy John’s employees ran out with sandwiches, t-shirts and cookies. They immediately started to throw said Jimmy John’s merchandise into the crowd, creating chaos. Students pushed, squeezed and shoved their way around the student section to get their hands on the merchandise.

GL basketball gets Jimmy Johns fever. Photo by Stosh Tustin

GL gets Jimmy John’s fever after employees of the sandwich company came out at halftime of the Snocourt basketball game to throw t-shirts, sandwiches, and cookies into the crowd.  Photo by Stosh Tustin.

Overall it added to the excitement of the Sno Court game.

Senior Jace Carr, who knows a thing or two about sandwich tosses, said he “really liked the idea.”

Senior Emilio Correa also had a positive experience.

“I didn’t catch a sandwich but someone gave me theirs because they don’t like mayo,” Correa said, “so I was like shebloimps!”

Senior Blake Lehman, who was actually playing in the game noticed this event from the huddle.

While not everyone received food, there is no denying it was good fun to at least try to catch some of the Jimmy John’s gear and food.


Senior, I play soccer.


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