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Graphic By Katie Quick
Graphic By Katie Quick

The Gull Lake Community School’s Board of Education, which includes President Carole Mendez, Vice President Trey Eldridge, secretary Jeff Brown, treasurer Laura Burr, and three trustees Richard Miller, Jon Scott and Lin Marklin, meets often at the Ryan Intermediate School in Richland to keep the district up and running efficiently.

At their most recent meeting on September 19, the board went through their typical agenda that included a call of order, pledging allegiance to the flag and roll call. Afterwards, they addressed the comments and opinions of outside sources on their agenda.

Then they proceeded to presentations and reports. These included accounts from the Board of Education Relations Committee, Curriculum Committee, Facilities Committee, Finance Committee, Board of Negotiations/Personnel Committee and the Policy Committee. These reports have been left un-detailed in the public agenda.

Old business was addressed, where the board discussed the bid recommendation for the new Administration Building’s infrastructure as well as an amended bid for the Administration Building’s security camera.

The meeting finished with the board speaking about adoption evaluation tools to be used in the district, the sale agency agreement for the Hazel Wildermuth Building, the partnership extended student Trip, and superintendent evaluation training.

After they considered public comments on non-agenda items, the meeting was adjourned.

Abigail Stark

Abigail Stark

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