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Seniors lament and look forward to last year to cheer

As the sideline cheer season nears its end and with the competitive cheer season  just around the corner, the cheer team is more than ready to come out on top. The senior girls are pushing to make in their last year cheering for Gull Lake High School memorable.

Hannah Jackson, the team’s captain, shared her struggle with the sport so far this year.

“It’s difficult because we have a lot of young people so we have to start over and re-teach a few things.” But that doesn’t stop her from focusing on the bright side, “I love getting to know the new people and bonding with them.”

Jackson along with the other seniors Markeva Love, Kyra Lee and Hannah Husainali have set some goals for themselves this year. Jackson has one in particular she’s concentrating on.

“I’ve been really working on my full, that’s the main goal,” Jackson said. “I want to get it on the floor for competitive cheer.”

But she said a few things might hold her back.

“Mental blocks mostly because I broke my leg,” she said. “And basically just the fact that it’s a hard skill, and it takes time to learn.”

Varsity cheerleaders work together to cheer on the football team at Homecoming night.
Varsity cheerleaders work together to cheer on the football team at Homecoming night. Picture by Janae Griffin

The team not only wants to set goals for themselves, but want to  accomplish them. Jackson, as team captain, has found a way to keep the girls on track electronically through text message.

“By reminding the girls to get there early to set up the mats before practice officially starts, we are always expected to be involved in school spirit,” Jackson said.

Jackson has  fond memories of her high school cheer life, and all seniors in cheer got to experience the thrill of going to States last year, along with winning many competitions in the competitive season, and not to mention the moving experience of this last Homecoming weekend. 

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