GLHS welcomes resource deputy, Adam Kelm

Officer Adam Kelm is excited to be apart of the Gull Lake community. Photo courtesy of Rochelle Gawel.
Officer Adam Kelm is excited to be apart of the Gull Lake community. Photo courtesy of Rochelle Gawel.

Over the past decade, the safety of America’s schools has been called into question. From shootings to drug use, school safety across the country has been jeopardized. Last year, the safety of students at Gull Lake High School also questioned  when a student brought a pistol into the school.  While nobody was hurt, this incident was enough to put parents and administrators on edge.

The answer to a higher standard of safety was to hire a resource deputy that will work within the schools and be present each school day. After contacting the Kalamazoo Police Department, the school found its deputy: Sheriff Adam Kelm. Kelm was deemed almost perfect for the position. An enthusiastic, young officer with past experience in the force, who could really be better?

Kelm will be responsible for making sure the school is as safe as possible and will be on site each day, in case of an emergency.

Kelm said he is very excited to be a part of the Gull Lake family and is taking his role very seriously

“When I decided to take the job, I really thought I could help bring some of the things I knew about school safety to the school, such as active shooter lockdowns,” Kelm said.

Kelm’s experience in the force and training brings a sense of security to the district and calms the nerves of parents who send their children to Gull Lake schools each and everyday. It’s a sense of peace that every district should have.

Along with his hefty responsibilities, Kelm hopes to build a strong relationship with the student body.

“I feel like I can be the officer that kids can come to and that I can be approachable,” Kelm said.

This is a desired quality for any officer to have, especially with the many stereotypes the police force receives. According to Kelm, he more approachable, the safer the school will be.

The student body has reacted to Kelm in a positive manner and has welcomed him with open arms.

“I have been overwhelmed with how awesome the students are here,” Kelm said. “I treat each student with respect, and they give that same respect back.”

So far, the school district has welcomed officer Kelm to the Gull Lake Community with open arms. His experience and strong personality brings an unmatched sense of safety and friendship to the classroom.


Noah Weiss

My name is Noah Weiss. I am a senior at Gull Lake high school. This is my third year on the newspaper staff and this year I have the honor of being the senior editor. Along with my passion for writing, I play football and run track for Gull Lake.

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