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Gull Lake seniors lead the push for school spirit

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Gull Lake students participate in America night as their cheer on their Blue Devils.

Gull Lake students participate in America night as their cheer on their Blue Devils.

In the past few years at Gull Lake High School,  school spirit hasn’t been what it was for such a long time. Gull Lake is a school known for representing its name with pride; however, in the recent years, its athletic program has had a drop-off in talent. For years, Gull Lake dominated the Wolverine Conference, producing many great athletes, teams and championship trophies. The Blue Devils ran the table every single year, winning the Wolverine Conference All-Sports trophy (combination of final standings for all varsity sports) for an unprecedented 27 years in a row. Since the Blue Devils transitioned into the Southwestern Michigan Athletic Conference (SMAC), the results have been disappointing.

In the first year in its new conference, Gull Lake athletics performed in the way there have always been used to: winning. The SMAC doesn’t have an all-sports trophy like that of the Wolverine; however, if it had, Gull Lake would have claimed the trophy once again. Although it had success early in the conference, after the first year, the level of talent in the Richland community dropped significantly.

The boys’ basketball team became one of the lowest performing teams in the conference for the first time in years, the struggles of the football team began, volleyball and baseball both made early playoff exits and the boys’ soccer team also endured a time of trials and tribulations. Because of this decrease in talent, there was a decrease wins. A decrease in wins translated to a decrease in school spirit; therefore, making the effects of athletics on the Richland community miniscule.

Yet, there is hope. The graduating class of 2017 has had one goal: bring back the vibrant Blue Devil spirit. This year’s seniors have lead the way in creating a strong depiction of spirit that has lead to some of the loudest student sections the football team has ever had, along with weekly gameday themes. in which a majority of the student body attending the game participates in.

An outsider looking in might ask, why are these kids cheering at the top of their lungs when they’re down 30 points? Because when they cheer, they cheer as one school, and the players on the field feed off of that energy and belief and at that moment: They know that their school stands with them.

The class of 2017 is working its hardest to create an atmosphere of school spirit that lingers at Gull Lake for the many years to come. It is up to the rest of the school to join the movement and keep the GL spirit rocking.

Noah Throop

This is my third year on staff, my second as Sports Editor. I am a senior at Gull Lake and plan to attend the University of Alabama next year and major in accounting. I play basketball and baseball and was selected as captain of the varsity basketball team for the coming season. I have a passion for sports and writing about them and look forward to a great year of writing.


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