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Students fall into fall trends

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Fall is one of the most diverse seasons for fashion and trends; whether it be long, knee-high boots or crimson colored Vans, students can’t go wrong this season. Since the 70s have been a dominating style for young teens in recent years, a lot of the outfit pieces trending this fall will be very closely similar to them.


From button front a-line skirts to bell sleeved shirts, these outfits are more feminine and formal than ever, pairing a suede skirt with tights and ankle boots. For a more boho 70s style, just add a light-colored, bell-sleeved shirt. To perfect the look, include a plaid scarf, the light colors with bold lines will add a unique touch to the outfit.


This year ankle boots are in high demand, especially when they’re paired with tights or colored leggings. Forest green, burnt orange, mustard yellow and ginger brown are excellent colors for boots this year. If a student is looking for longer looking legs, buy one with a slight heel to it.


The chilly air of fall can sometimes prevent outfits to reach their full potential. Students feel as if they have to cover themselves up with a coat or jacket. Fortunately, there are some delightful cardigans that can be bought, not to mention, the brown leather jackets that are making a comeback. Tribal cardigans have become very popular over the years; if a student decides to wear a dress or shirt that has short sleeves, they should try to put it with a draped cardigan. While long cardigans look great with leggings or even tights depending on the top worn with it.


Last but not least, we cannot forget the holey jeans. Not just any normal holey jeans, but knee rip jeans. These jeans can be seen on both male and females. The most suitable color being worn are the black jeans. The classical pairing is with brown ankle boots and a light-colored, bell-sleeved shirt.

Featured in the above image is Amman Khan, wearing a striped sweater from PacSun, the black jeans from H&M, and the shoes from Zumiez. Picture by Janae Griffin.

Featured in the above image is Amman Khan, wearing a striped sweater from PacSun, and the black jeans from Levi’s. Picture by Janae Griffin

With men, the knee-rip jeans can be handsomely paired with a striped sweatshirt or a V-neck or turtleneck. Although not everyone wears glasses, if you do, matching outfits like this with transparent framed glasses would add an intelligent, yet dashing, touch to the look. When it comes to shoes, the Chelsea’s have been seen more often than not. These add a unique personality to your outfit, and have a long history with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Plus, they have the boot type look to them which is always perfect for the fall time.


No matter what look you go for this year, make sure you walk these halls with a smile and a pep in your step. Confidence is the number one key to pull an entire look together, no matter what you’re wearing.



I am Janae Griffin, a senior at Gull Lake High School. I love to read and write, but I find it hard to sit down and do either with my busy schedule. I have a cat, Nikita, who keeps me company on days that I don't have plans. When I'm not at work, I'm either at dance or spending time with my friends and family. I'm just an ordinary 18 year old girl wandering through life, not a clue what I'm doing or where I'm going in the next three years, but I am quite content with just going with the flow of life.


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