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School spirit underrated? We don’t think so

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In the time of pep rallies, homecoming courts and marching bands, we as students seemingly have no tolerance as a student body for the spirited acts of school and community. At assemblies where we celebrate the teams that end the divide between grades, it can sometimes feel embarrassing to support our student body. When we dance to the music that the pep band plays, student get laughed at. School spirit has been knocked down a tier, and the new winner is negativity.

Few spirited seniors who are fed up with the lack of unity and support, are attempting to get freshman engaged during games. We stand among those fed-up seniors. What’s wrong with being supportive of something you are apart of? Positivity is fulfilling and effortless, whereas negativity is empty and hard work. The amount of negativity in this community is draining, even for the people who aren’t a part of it.

Wallowing into football games and prom is what’s called for at this time in our life, so let’s wallow. Wallow in the school songs and cheers. Wallow in the football scores and Friday night themes. Wallow and absorb and fall in love with all the experiences that you can only have now; there’s no such thing as spirit and pep rallies when we go into the corporate world. We are allowed to be positive and participate as life calls for them. Let’s do it. This is high school, and life is calling for social events.

Right now is the only time in our lives where football and basketball and cheerleading will ever be relevant, so soak it up. We get four years of unity, but at our high school, it seems we can’t figure out what that word means. Being together is something that should be so easy for a student body. We need to practice acceptance and celebrate each other for everything we are and come together for a common cause.

Spirit extends beyond sports. A reason for the lack of spirit is that some students simply can’t relate to athletics, but that doesn’t exclude them from the picture. Spirit is also within participation. We need spirit for PAC, and we want to hear a “congratulations” floating down the hallway for the lead role or a “good luck” on opening night. We need spirit for Debate and Model UN, with supportive words bubbling from every student, as well as prospective members looking to try something new. Try DECA, run for a position on Senate, weed the garden with Environmental Club, lend a hand in Volunteens, sit in on a meeting with the GSA and listen with supportive ears, or celebrate new cultures with Spanish Club.

We are in a time period in our life where there is lots of opportunities to explore and try new things. It all starts with a positive outlook and accepting environment. Let’s accept spirit into Gull Lake. If you’re not quite ready for wallowing, don’t worry, you can still come along too.

Abigail Stark

My name is Abigail Stark. I am a sophomore and a first year staff member. I enjoy writing opinion and review articles, and look forward to a successful year!


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