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Students try sculpting with clay

Mark Walbridge’s Sculpting and Ceramics consists of experimenting with clay, making projects, and learning about various different famous artists. Hannah Jackson is a senior who is currently taking the class.

“We learn about different artists and then either we make a replica of an artist’s work,” she said, “or we do a project Mr. Walbridge wants.”

Picture of the Christmas Tree Project in Sculpting and Ceramics class. Picture taken by Hannah Jackson.
A Christmas Tree Project in Sculpting and Ceramics class. Photo  by Hannah Jackson.

Walbridge offers many different projects for the students as well as lets them come up with their own ideas. This class does require a creative mind, so students must be able to come up with their own concepts and be able to interpret distinct works of art differently.

“I love the class; getting to make stuff out of clay, and when you really try you can make some pretty creative stuff,” Jackson said.

Jackson has been able to finish her projects early, allowing her to work on anything she wants.

“I just finished a free project (because I finished all my other projects), and I made a candle holder for my mom,” she said.


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