Freshmen learn about EFE/EFA opportunities

On Tuesday, November 1, the entire freshmen class filed into the packed KVCC Expo center. Carrying around their green bags filled with pamphlets and information sheets, along with some candy, they paraded around the room in hopes to find the perfect EFE/EFA class for them. From business related to human service classes, almost every table was filled up with eager students.

Freshman, Alayna Cornelius, who attended the trip explains its purpose,

“This trip was about learning about the job path you would like to take and what classes will help you get there,” Cornelius said.

Students gather around to learn information about EFE/EFA classes to take in their Junior year.
Students gather around to learn information about EFE/EFA classes to take in their Junior year. Photo by Janae Griffin

The EFE/EFA trip to KVCC’s Expo center happens twice a year for 8th graders and freshmen. Gull Lake transports the students to the building, and teachers who volunteer help show them around.

The students stay for about an hour, walking around and asking officials any questions they may have. The students then leave with more knowledge on what EFE/EFA classes are and what ones they would potentially be interested in.

“My favorite part was going around and looking at all the different things…it was quite interesting with everything that I saw,” Cornelius said. “Especially the table with the animals that you could pet,”

Overall, Cornelius enjoyed the trip and would like to go back again,

“This trip was very helpful, it made me look at things differently and made me think more into what pathway I should take,” she said “If I could go back, I would!”


Janae Griffin

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