Woodshop continues to draw interest from students

A student using the air pump to blow off his table. Photo by Tanner Finn

In 27 years of teaching, Ron Blackburn has seen change and new faces every year. Just like most years he has a class of Woodworking I and a class of Woodworking II.

The Woods I class consists of mostly freshman just figuring out how to use the different machines, and how to piece things together. Being more of a beginner to an intermediate class, a lot of people make small boxes or a little table.

In the Woods II class students are asked to make something that has hinges and used as a door or be able to open somehow. In this class, a majority of people are making tables, but it is still a little early to tell what exactly is being made. Kids can be creative in what they choose to make and through the years Blackburn has seen some interesting projects.

“One kid in my Woods I class is making a really nice table that I am hoping he will enter into MITES,” Blackburn said.

MITES stands for Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society. People from around the area show off what they have made and people can vote based on what is best based on what they have made and level of experience. Winners get a plaque and a ribbon.


Tanner Finn

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