The importance of unity in our divided nation

We must unify as a nation and solve our differences. Photo by Janae Griffin.
We must unify as a nation and solve our differences. Photo by Janae Griffin.

What makes our country, the United States of America, so incredible and distinct is that each and every one of its citizens lives under equal law. No matter color, gender, religion or sexual orientation, each United States citizen is gifted with equal rights. Each state is united, all living under the graceful sway of the red, white and blue. Each American citizen knows these principles to be true, but each citizen also knows that the vast majority of us fall short of this so called “unity.”

This past election year was one of the most eccentric to my memory. For the first time, both candidates were seen as heinous. Hillary Clinton was described by many as your typical politician: a deceitful human who lacks the trait of honesty. Donald Trump was seen as a man driven by hatred, bound to drive America even farther into the ground. The two were so vastly different that the popular opinion of the people was split. There was no middle ground. Debates, arguments and even personal attacks were commonplace throughout the election. The strong and diverse opinions seemed to separate our people into two distinct groups: team Clinton and team Trump.

Many knew the effects of the election would be catastrophic. Either victor would have one half of the country feeling relieved and jubilant, and the other half feeling enraged and distraught. When the strenuous night of CNN news coverage finally came to end, Donald J Trump was the president of the United States. As many of us predicted, the shock wave across the country was monumental. Only hours after Trump was announced President, Clinton supporters and liberals alike rose up in protest of this deemed “malevolent” man. Protesters held signs that read “not my president,” “dump the Trump” and “Mr.Hate leave my state.” The divide between us as a country grew larger and larger every hour after the election. The personal attacks became more barbaric, and the strong opinions of the people divided hoped to stand strong against one another. The citizens of the United States are at each other’s throats, willing to do anything to prove that their opinion is just.

This time of such division has allowed me to realize the importance of unity. Our great nation was built upon the principles of unity, freedom and fortitude. As a nation, we have failed to represent unity. This past week, a protest was held in Richland Park. On one side of the park stood protestors of Donald Trump and the popular vote. On the other side of the park, stood Donald Trump enthusiasts, showing their appreciation for Donald and their hatred for the protestors on the other side. This is such a microscopic example of such an enormous problem. Across the country, groups of people are separating themselves based upon their political beliefs and who they stand behind. Violent protests, personal attacks and abhorrent signs fill our nation’s news stations. How can a country built upon unity have become so detached?

Whether you’re black or white, pro-Hillary or pro-Trump, poor or rich, we are all citizens of the United States of America. We are bonded together through the principles we were founded on: unity, freedom and fortitude. Our founding fathers built a nation that does not discriminate and a nation that loves one another, all differences aside. There is only one way to fix the separation we have created: unity. We need to end the protests and violence, and instead, look into the future of our nation. Do we want a nation torn apart by hatred? Or do we want a nation that resolves its differences and unifies together as one. We must respect each other’s opinions and ways of life. If we come together as one, the United States of America will be the most prosperous country in the world. There is only one way to make America great again: unity.


Noah Weiss

My name is Noah Weiss. I am a senior at Gull Lake high school. This is my third year on the newspaper staff and this year I have the honor of being the senior editor. Along with my passion for writing, I play football and run track for Gull Lake.

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