Student plans for school trip to Peru

During spring break of 2017, a small number of students will be heading to Peru on a school trip led by Sheila Wood, who also runs Model UN, Debate club and is an English teacher at Gull Lake High School. Wood wanted to initially take her Model UN and Debate students to India to learn about the culture and help with the community there. She later decided that she would rather take her students somewhere she’s already been and held the first meeting about her Peru plans in February.

Jeremiah Smith, a junior at Gull Lake, will be attending this trip next spring.

“I’m feeling pretty good about this trip. I’m looking forward to it, it’s definitely worth the money,” he said.

The audio below is Smith explaining why he believes this trip is a important opportunity and experience for students.

Jeremiah Smith posing with his two dogs, Harley (left) and Chloe (right). Photo by Janae Griffin
Jeremiah Smith posing with his two dogs, Harley (left) and Chloe (right).
Picture by Janae Griffin

The Peru trip is coordinated and planned through the Education First program. Wood holds meetings for the students to give them guidelines, what to expect on the trip, how much it is, how long it will last, and other important details.

“[The trip] is about $4,500, but it can be made through payments that go even past the actual tour,” Smith said about the price. “My parents and grandparents have been helping me with the expenses as well as taking money out of my own pocket of course.”

Wood has arranged to take the students to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca before their flight back home. The trip, however, is going to focus mostly on helping the local citizens and providing any needed service to them. For more information about the trip please reference Tyler Grosser’s article, Model UN advisor Sheila Wood plans service learning trip to Peru.

Signs about the trip are posted all around the school for information. Photo by Stosh Tustin.
Signs about the trip are posted all around the school for information. Photo by Stosh Tustin.

The initial flight will land in Lima, Peru,

“The trip is supposedly going to be very educational, yet fun, which is also supposed to look good on a résumé,” Smith added.

On day two, after the students have settled into their hotel, they will head out for a guided tour of Lima, including; Government Palace, Archbishop’s Palace, City Hall, and the Lima Cathedral.

“I’m most excited for Machu Picchu because it’s an ancient place with a beautiful landscape, which has always interested me,” Smith said.

Wood’s Peru trip is not only a different experience for students, but the ones who are attending also have the opportunity to add this trip on their résumé that can help with future interviews and jobs. It can also count as volunteer hours for those who have struggled to find similar opportunities in the community.

Smith talked about why he originally decided to go on the trip.

“I want to get into the Air Force Academy and this kind of service/experience would be a great thing to add to my résumé,” he said.

Admissions to the trip are currently being accepted still but there are only a limited amount of spots on the plane. Wood has dedicated her time to inform volunteers money raising opportunities and updates by scheduling meetings once a month.

Any other information regarding the Peru trip can be found in Sheila Wood’s classroom before and after school in room 1407.


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