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Kalamazoo Eagles off to slow start in club hockey season

The Kalamazoo Eagles huddle together and discuss the game. Photo courtesy of Kalamazoo Eagles Facebook

The Kalamazoo Eagles huddle together and discuss the game. Photo courtesy of Kalamazoo Eagles Facebook

Winter sports are in full swing as students report back to school after winter break, including the Kalamazoo Eagles hockey season. The Eagles began the season in November, and they did not get off a strong start. The team struggled to keep up with stronger and more equipped opponents, as the Eagles only have two lines, while many teams have up to four lines.

“It’s hard to stay fresh and compete throughout a game when you have half the bodies as the opponent,” senior forward Nick Burr said. “It’s been our biggest challenge all year.”

Along with a shortage of players, the Eagles have struggled defensively, making it hard to compete in high scoring affairs.

“As a whole, we struggle defensively,” said Burr. “We’re usually pretty fatigued, and it’s hard for us to stay fresh.”

Even with the early season struggles, the Eagles have found success as of late. In recent league action, the Eagles defeated the Kalamazoo Blades with ease and tied with the Mattawan Wildcats 7 to 7. In the game against Mattawan Burr accounted for one goal and four assists.

“We’ve grown as a team, and I feel like we will continue to grow as the season moves on,” said Burr. “I’m excited to see what we can do in the second half of the season.”

The Eagles next game will be on January 14 against Riley Hockey Club at Wings West.


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