Movie ‘Why Him’ proves to be an entertaining comedy classic

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The movie “Why Him” was released on December 23, 2016. It was directed by John Hamburg and also written by John Hamburg, along with Ian Helfer. Actor Jonah Hill worked with Hamburg and Helfer to create the storyline.

The movie stars some of the biggest names in acting, James Franco, Bryan Cranston and Zoey Deutch. When Stephanie Fleming, who is a Stanford student, invites her family out to California to spend Christmas with her and her new boyfriend, Laird Mayhew, the visit is anything but normal. Laird is a billionaire who made his fortune creating an online business. Although he means well, Laird is socially awkward. Laird attempts to impress Stephanie’s family, especially her father, Ned Fleming, in hopes of getting his blessing to ask Stephanie to marry him. When Stephanie reveals her plan to drop out of Stanford and follow Laird into his business, her father’s stress level goes through the roof and a rivalry forms between Laird and Ned.

The movie is 111 minutes of entertaining and crude humor. The movie shows the power of family and the power of love, and will undoubtedly  keep smiles on moviegoers faces.

Main cast of Why Him. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The budget for the movie was $38,000,000 and obtained $11,002,986 during its opening weekend. Domestic total as of January is $58,815,894.

According to the critics consensus on Rotten Tomatoes, “Solidly cast but overall misconceived, Why Him offers the odd chuckle, but ultimately adds disappointingly little to its tired father vs. fiance formula.” The average rating was 4.9/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, however, according to the audience rating, 60 percent of all people who saw it and voted said they enjoyed the film.

While this movie provides laughs, it is most definitely not for everyone and is a fun adaptation of the traditional family rivalry story.  

Ella Cunningham

Ella Cunningham

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