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La La Land provides a whimsical break from reality

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Classic La La Land poster courtesy of IMBD.

Classic La La Land poster courtesy of IMBD.

Starring: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 128 minutes
Director: Damien Chazelle
Composer: Justin Hurwitz

La La Land takes an old classic Hollywood musical and gives it a modern spin. The film came to select theaters on December 9, 2016, and on Christmas day it was released into more theaters.

La La Land follows the lives of budding actress, Mia (Stone) and jazz musician, Sebastian (Gosling) as they try and live out their dreams. Mia and Sebastian eventually have to make a hard choice between their budding romance and their lifelong dreams.

The plot is broken up into the four different seasons, showing the character development between each season. The film includes several songs that help with the flow of the storyline.

La La Land incorporated good lighting, perfectly designed costume choices, excellent acting and well thought of scenery choices while giving a new spin on classic Hollywood romance for everyone to enjoy. The music included in La La Land went from Herman’s Habit a classical jazz song to the romantic song, “City of Stars, ” to the uplifting  “Another  Day of Sun.”  

La La Land not only included romance and music but showed in the importance of putting your dreams before everything else.

The film gives a realistic tone to a dream like situation leaving moviegoers not only in awe but also tears. La La Land starts out slow–taking time to clearly explain the lives of both Mia and Sebastian and then quickly gains momentum ending the movie in the greatest possible way.

Courtney Pedersen

My name is Courtney Pedersen and I'm a senior. For the Reflection I primarily write news and feature stories. I am the news and media editor. I also am heavily involved in TAB, PAC, Spanish Club and the literary magazine.


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