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GLHS ski club continues with successful season, despite warm weather

GLHS Ski Club riding the slopes at Bittersweet ski resort. Photo courtesy of Noah Throop
GLHS Ski Club riding the slopes at Bittersweet ski resort. Photo courtesy of Noah Throop

The months of January and early February have lacked the typical snowfall that all Michiganders are used to. According to a study done by Western Michigan University, the average seasonal total by the month of January is around 41 inches, but this year, the total on January 1 was around 28 inches. This is an astounding difference of about 13 inches, making winter activities much more difficult to accomplish. Despite the lack of snow and consistent warm temperatures, the Gull Lake ski club has made the best out of what the winter of 2017 has given them.

“We’ve had around 40 students coming out with us each week, which is more than I expected coming into the season,” said ski club coordinator Ron Blackburn.

Being able to take 40 students each week is a huge boost for the program and with a large number of ski passes being sold by Blackburn and others, the program is able to stay up and running.

“The snow hasn’t been great, but it has been good enough that we are still attracting a lot of students who are looking to ski,” Blackburn said.

The club will be heading out to Bittersweet on Wednesday, February 9, and Blackburn said the group hopes  for heaps of snow and cold temperatures.

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