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Pink hats march on DC–and the world–in historic Women’s March

January 21, 2017 saw the voices of more than 2 million women (with at least 470,000 in Washington D.C. alone) and allies across class, country, color and creed raised to a fever pitch in defense of their fundamental rights. Harmonizing in chants of “Show me what democracy looks like; this is what democracy looks like,” “My body, my choice; her body, her choice,” “No hate, no fear; Immigrants are welcome here,” and “We won’t go away; welcome to your first day,” and headed by numerous speakers and performing artists (Alicia Keys, Madonna, etc), the resulting song was one of defiance, unity, and the beginning of a movement.

Swarms of pink hats and handmade signs flooded metro stations and streets in the mighty pilgrimage to the Washington Monument area, spilling past sidewalks and halting in places due to the sheer number of people marching at once. Even at standstills, however, participants remained positive, sharing backgrounds and stories and even starting spontaneous dance circles.

The overarching goal seemed to be, as stressed by speakers such as America Ferrera, Michael Moore, the Mothers of the Movement, and the very founders of the march, to persist in singing, so loud as to not be ignored. 

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  1. Amazing! What an experience.

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