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The Reflection

Excelling students should be able to opt out of exams

The our side column is reflective of a discussed issue that represents the overall opinion of the staff. The 2017 Reflection staff strongly believes in the ability for students to opt out of their exams.

At the end of each trimester, students are faced with the distressing task of each class: the exam. Every class requires an exam, forcing even the most successful students to take an exam for a class they already have mastered.

Not only do exams take a lot of hard work from students, but they can also eradicate an overall high trimester grade. A final grade is determined by your class work and class tests, intermixed with your final exam. Class work and class tests are worth 80 percent of your overall grade, and final exams are worth 20 percent of your overall grade.

As an outsider, 20 percent may not seem like a detrimental amount, but it can turn an exceptional grade to dissatisfactory one. For example, if a student has a 90 percent in a class, and they score an 80 percent on the final exam, their grade will go from an A- to a B. Not only is this unfair to a student who worked hard to receive a 90 percent, but it is not logical. If a student has the ability to receive an A- or an A in any class, they do not need to prove themselves further with a final exam.

Students who have been successful throughout a trimester should be given the option to opt out of their exams. Not only is it a logical assumption that a student who has an A understands the material being taught, but having the ability to opt out of exams with an A grade would give students an incentive to work hard to receive the A. Along with these reasons, seniors  could use this option as an advantage, as well. Seniors have already been accepted into colleges and have completed their applications, making exams almost worthless. Having the ability to opt out with an A would given seniors an incentive to still work hard in class, as well as allowing them to not have to take their exams.

For many high school students, it is hard to find the motivation to work hard and receive exceptional grades. With the amount of work that each exam takes, offering students the ability to opt out of their exams would give them all of the motivation in the world to receive a high grade in their classes. Allowing exams to be optional for excelling students is an adroit way to raise the grades of many students and to reward those who work hard each and every day of class.


My name is Noah Weiss. I am a senior at Gull Lake high school. This is my third year on the newspaper staff and this year I have the honor of being the senior editor. Along with my passion for writing, I play football and run track for Gull Lake.


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