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Richland township needs a pop of color

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Color Guard warms up in Town Park but the park needs more color from the community year round. Photo by Keyshawn Wilson

The Richland township is known for their park area in front of the public library. Many events are held there year round. Some related to the school’s’ activities, others are from outside organizations. Throughout the year it used for activities such as Gull Lake’s homecoming in the early fall, wassailing in the winter, along with the Boy Scouts selling Christmas trees for a period of time before the holidays.

In the spring, the park has a small area set up for selling hanging flower baskets towards Mother’s Day. However, during the summer, this park area is set for anyone’s leisure. People can come and go all year, most choose to come during the summer. The trees that give shade from their leafy tops can give a nice spot to sit and relax or set up for a small picnic.
With all this in mind, there is so much green found within the park all summer long. With park benches and few lights scattered around. However, there is not much color found within the park. With how much the park is used, it would ideal to have beds of flowers near the benches or close to the curbs.

It would add a bit of life to the park and also make it seem more appealing to the eye instead of seeing all green. The community could pitch in, having a summer activity in the park. Then, the fall, winter, spring, AND summer would have some form of activity going on there. It would benefit the community and the park. People sitting by the windows at Liz’s parkview cafe can enjoy looking out the windows and seeing the pops of color.

Annabelle Page

I am a Senior, in my second year being on staff with the Reflection. I write a lot of opinion articles and cheer articles, along with odd end ones. I spend most of my time with the marching band, practicing for colorguard. In the winter, I am on the competitive cheer team at the school. I spend most of my fridays performing with the band at the home football games. I love drawing and participating in school events.


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