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Actors vs. tech: Which is the backbone of theater productions?

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The technical side of theatre makes a show happen

A lot of work is unseen–both backstage and onstage during a production from both the tech and actors. Although both parties contribute, the tech side of the show truly pulls the production together and allows the story to come alive.

Without tech the actors would be literally be the dark on a blank stage: they would be in normal clothes, unable to be heard with absolutely no props and behind a closed curtain.

The technical crew of theatre  works backstage and out in the house to bring what’s necessary to the show. Tech members are the ones who open the curtains and turn on the lights. They also construct, paint and add details to the set allowing the story to have a good background.

Tech crew also brings colors to production allowing more emotion to be showcased. The technical crew gives sound effects adding to the overall story and works the microphones allowing the actors to be heard by the audience. Members of tech can also gather and build different props and more depth and reality to the show. Costuming and makeup helps the actors get into character and bring their parts to life.

The actors’ main job is to bring the show to life verbally and through their actions, but tech brings all of the possible aspects together. The tech  makes the show visually appealing, which helps pull the audience in.

Actors and tech both serve very vital purposes in the overall production, but tech  brings the show together and ties all loose ends. Without tech there would be no way to showcase the talents of the actors, therefore tech is the most important aspect.

By Courtney Pedersen

Actors are the backbone of any production

Putting on a production incorporates many different art forms to create a show. Usually a company is made up of two different groups, actors and tech. The actors are the ones who perform the production at hand, while the technical crew are the ones creating and running the show from behind the scenes. PAC  also runs like this, but with the crews usually bigger than the acting crew. Broadway shows like Hairspray or The Lion King  also utilize their actors and production teams like this.

Although the technical crew are important to the run of the show, the actors are the main attractions of a show. Actors work on perfecting the show for months on end, and usually work on the production for a longer amount of time. Actors are also the ones performing for the audience, and are usually the reasons the show sells tickets.

In short–with no actors, there would be no show.

The crew does makes up the bulk of a production, but their work would be for nothing without the actors performing in the production. The sole purpose of groups like costuming, makeup and props is to cater to the actors’ functionality on stage, and their help wouldn’t even be needed without actors.

For example, a show without any actors involved in the production. Well it’s not a production anymore, it’s an art gallery. There would be no emotion or captivation being exhibited by an audience, it would just be a set with random sounds and lights.

Actors are also the ones who utilize the crews aspects to their greatest potential. Many props or costumes that tech builds can be easily thrown out or rearranged to fit the show or the actor’s needs, but the same cannot be said of an actor. And even with all the crews around, their efforts would be for naught without the actors on stage doing their jobs. If a show where the person the actors would be the heart, and the crew would be the kidney, replaceable.

I’m not saying that the crew is completely useless, they also have a vital role to play in the production of a show. Although they do a lot of work, most of it is barely used to their potential, but without the crew it would be impossible to fully utilize our materials and make the show the best it can be. And while they are still important parts, they will never be  is vital to a production of a show like the actors.

By Samuel Tilbury

Courtney Pedersen

My name is Courtney Pedersen and I'm a senior. For the Reflection I primarily write news and feature stories. I am the news and media editor. I also am heavily involved in TAB, PAC, Spanish Club and the literary magazine.


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