High school: A Senior contemplates his everlasting memory

High School. The word generates thoughts of friday night football games, pep assemblies, prom, and the infamous “pajama day.” It is a part of life that is so crucial, yet so full of excitement. When senior year comes around, the thought of high school nearing an end can be a somber one. It brings an end to Friday night sporting events, parades, spirit day, and so many overwhelming memories. As exciting as senior year can be, with the thought of graduation and the upcoming transition to college, it is also a time to reminisce on the past four years. It is a time to appreciate all of the memories created and to realize how fortunate we are to have been a part of the Gull Lake community.

For many, the most memorable part of the high school experience is participating in athletics. Wearing “Gull Lake” across the front of the jersey, while playing a beloved sport, is an unforgettable experience that so many enjoy. As graduating seniors, the realization that the opportunity to play sports for Gull Lake is over can be very hard to come to terms with. But, at the same time, Gull Lake athletes create so many memories that will last a lifetime.

Senior basketball standout Jack Millmier is an impeccable example of someone who made the best of their four years in athletics. Millmier has a firey passion for the game of basketball, and worked as hard as he could to be successful on the court. His hard work paid off, and he sure will never forget the moments spent on the hardwood.

Millmier during game action. Photo courtesy of Jack Millmier

“Playing basketball and working hard for something I love has been the highlight of my four years in high school. I have been lucky enough to have amazing friends that were there with me along the ride, and I will never forget the many memories I made,” said Millmier.

Along with Millmier, there are many others who have had similar experiences participating in athletics. Senior Maria Morrison has spent her four years in high school participating in the Gull Lake tennis program. She has played the game her entire life, and being a part of the Blue Devil squad has been an honor for her.

“Playing tennis has always been my passion,” said Morrison. “Last year when we made it to states was such a memorable moment; everyone played their hearts out, and I will never forget that day.”

Participating in high school athletics is one of the few times that athletes can play their sport competitively, and the memories created will never be forgotten.

Cheering on your high school sports teams can sometimes be almost as exasperating as playing them. Watching your friends compete for your school is very exciting, and being a part of a student section is a memory that will last forever.

For senior Sam Kulasa, tailgating and cheering on the football team has been the highlight of his high school experience.

Students are full of excitement before a Friday night football game. Photo courtesy of Sam Kulasa.

“There is nothing more exciting than tailgating before a game. It is so much fun to hangout with friends and get jacked up to watch your friends play on a Friday night,” said Kulasa, “cheering on my friends and my school is something I will never forget.”

Another exciting piece of the high school experience is participating in homecoming and sno court events. One of these events is the Powderpuff football and Powerpuff volleyball events. These events allow male students and female students to participate in sports that they could not otherwise, because of their gender. The events are full of excitement, and very competitive, as senior students and junior students play against each other. For senior Cody Banaszak, participating in the boys’ Powerpuff volleyball game has been the highlight of his time in high school.

“Being able to try out a new sport and to play against another class of students was awesome,” said Banaszak. “It was so much fun, and it was definitely one of my favorite moments of high school.”

The senior power-puff volleyball team celebrates a victory. Photo courtesy of Cody Banaszak.

Whether it be playing a beloved sport, participating in school dances, or even just spending a night cheering on classmates at a sporting event, high school brings about so much excitement. As graduating seniors, it is very difficult to realize that these moments will be soon coming to an end, but each senior is so grateful for the memories they created. Don’t take a moment in high school for granted, and enjoy each and every moment, because it will be an undoubtedly be an everlasting memory.


Noah Weiss

My name is Noah Weiss. I am a senior at Gull Lake high school. This is my third year on the newspaper staff and this year I have the honor of being the senior editor. Along with my passion for writing, I play football and run track for Gull Lake.

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