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Is Gull Lake too small for Class A?

Since the joining the SMAC, Gull Lake has seemed to be outsized in almost all sports. When it was a member of the Wolverine Conference, it seemed that we outsized everyone else. Part of this has to do with the fact that when Gull Lake moved conferences, we also moved up from class A to class B due to a higher enrollment. Although it is a class A school, Gull Lake is one of the lowest enrollment class A schools in the state. This raises the question, would it be better to be a lower enrollment class A school, or one of the highest enrollment class B schools in the state?

Grace Clancy brings the ball up the court during a girls varsity basketball game.
Photo by Jenna Davison.

As an athlete, you want to play the best competition to prove that you are the best; however, when a school with an enrollment of 3,000 plays a school with an enrollment of 1,100, the talent pool becomes a little mismatched. Gull Lake is in a conference with schools like Kalamazoo Central, Battle Creek Central, Lakeview, Portage Central and Portage Northern, all of whom have enrollments of 1,500 plus. This makes it tough for Gull Lake to produce the athletes that those other schools are capable of having.

Being a kid who has grown up around the athletic program, I know that the best competition comes from playing schools that have the same enrollment as your own school does. However, I also believe that Gull Lake has earned the right to play against the teams it currently plays against. The SMAC is one of the best, most competitive athletic conferences in the state of Michigan. Gull Lake is in the right place, and I believe that the next few years will see massive progress in its athletic program.

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Noah Throop
Noah Throop
This is my third year on staff, my second as Sports Editor. I am a senior at Gull Lake and plan to attend the University of Alabama next year and major in accounting. I play basketball and baseball and was selected as captain of the varsity basketball team for the coming season. I have a passion for sports and writing about them and look forward to a great year of writing.

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